PHOTO: As 'Jeff' in The Sum Of Us


“Perfectly pitched, bitter-sweet comedy that flourishes with equally solid production values and performances. There is a significant chemistry between Stephen Connery-Brown as Harry and Tim McFarland as his doe-eyed son Jeff. Together they create an authentic bond, so achingly comfortable in each other's company that any interloper would feel awkward.”

The Stage

“Tim McFarland, playing Jeff, is a shining star, carrying the show with a nuanced portrait of a young man who has everything going for him but lacks the self-belief to quite fulfil his potential.”
Gay Times

“This warm-hearted study of a father and son relationship is beautifully handled by cast and director in this production, which is both touching and exceedingly funny without becoming mawkish…Stephen Connery-Brown and Tim McFarland play the father and son relationship with just the right mixture of affection and irritation at family foibles, culinary limitations and failings like not turning taps off completely.”
British Theatre Guide

“The two central performances (from Stephen Connery-Brown and Tim McFarland), are beautifully detailed, technically sound, and very touching in execution.”

Jeff is played by Tim McFarland with loveable, exasperated frustration. Tim uses his asides to great effect, drawing us in to sympathise with this lost little boy yearning for a love beyond the deep tie with his father.”
UK Theatre Web

“Stephen Connery-Brown and Tim McFarland as Harry and Jeff are exquisite in their interpretation, each give a highly nuanced performance and play against each other beautifully.”

“All I want to do now is watch the 1994 film adaptation, just to see if Russell Crowe lives up to McFarland’s flawless version of Jeff – it will be difficult to beat.”
The Australian Times